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We have now moved to using bandcamp for our sponsorship as it is a much easier way of sharing content with you all. You can sign up for our bandcamp VIP page here. However, some people really still want to use paypal and so we will leave the option for them to do that below. We really recommend our bandcamp page though!

If you prefer to give to us here direct with paypal just choose how much you can give us every month from the drop down menu below and fill in your payment details. Don't forget, you can stop sponsoring the band whenever you like, no questions asked ;-) Thanks so much for your support and we hope you keep enjoying the music!

Why patronage?

The success of our crowd-funded UK tour got us thinking, if a handful of fans can help a group of creatives like Charlywood bring their art to the people who matter, their audience, then why do we need the gatekeepers at all?


We don’t need news media to tell the world that we are good, we don’t need the record companies to invest in our album on the off-chance that they can find the people who might like it by paying hundreds of thousands for ads. Making music is not like making trainers, you don’t need to trick people into consuming something they probably don’t need because music is about everyone’s personal subjective experience of that art.


All we would need is a few thousand people to decide that they like what we do and they want to pay us to keep doing it. I am talking about patronage.

The concept is simple. You set up a monthly transfer of whatever you can spare (as little 1€ per month) and in return we give you everything we create, nothing more to pay, no questions asked, just every album, single, demo and video delivered to your inbox (or wherever you want) for you to enjoy whenever you have time. And all that for the price of a handful of paperclips!


By directly communicating with the people who have decided they like what we do, we totally cut out the need for the slow, clumsy promotion and distribution machinery that tries to push our art on people who aren’t interested in it and never will be. Mega-stardom is totally over-rated, we just want to make a living sharing what we love doing with people who also love it; patronage is the perfect way to do this!